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Best Options to Fill a Missing Tooth

It is understandable that people who lose a tooth feel as though nothing will ever be the same. Perhaps you look at yourself in the mirror and see a huge gap, and you wonder if you will ever be seen in the same way again. The good news is that you do not have to think such thoughts for very long!

So long as you are calm, you can look at the various options available to you. One of the best options for filling a missing tooth is to look at dental implants. The tooth implant process tampa is very straightforward, and they are meant to last for a very long time.

tooth implant process tampa

Implants are so realistic that you can hardly ever tell that someone got them to replace a tooth. If your dentist does a good job, even your friends and family will assume you have a mouth full of real teeth!

The only problem with implants is the cost. If you do not have insurance, the money for implants may be too much for you to consider. That is why we believe that partial dentures should be considered as well.

Such dentures are ideal if you lost one or more teeth in the same part of your mouth. Then you can have a single partial denture to cover the missing tooth or teeth. While these dentures are not as great as implants, they are still an excellent option.

The only issue with dentures is that you may need to get them replaced after seven or eight years. But the upfront cost is lower, and you can smile with confidence knowing that no gap exists in your teeth.

Do not fret if you lost a tooth. Accidents happen. Look into dental implants or dentures, and then start taking better care of your teeth so it does not happen again.